Monday, February 4, 2008

A Couple of reviews....

First up.. Sally Hansen's Lavender SPA Wax Remover Kit.

I bought this the other night while I was at Target. It actually works very well. I've tried alot of at home hair remover kits and not alot of products hold my attention. Nair makes me break out, Veet stung the heck out of my sensitive skin, Nad's just made me sticky, but this actually ripped the hair out of my legs. It's been about a week and I am still smooth. I usually have to shave every other day. No bumps, no rashes, no hair! The box says results last up to 8 weeks.

Not only did it work, it smelled good, and it's purple!! It's also microwavable. I will definately buy this product again.

The Movie "27 Dresses". Absolutely adored it! It was hysterically written and had a very happy ending. Katherine Heigl was perfect in this and James Marsden was SO cute, I loved his character. Great date movie.. or night out with the girls. I saw it with my mom.

Saturday night, hubby and I went to Olive Garden for my birthday. The food was great, I had one of their new specials. The Lasanga Rollatini w/ Italian Sausage. Hmm yum!! It's kind of like a bunch of little cheese lasagna burritos with alfredo sauce lol. The only issue I had with our night out was where they sat us, kind of right in the middle of everythng and next to the kitchen. I would have much rather been back in a corner where it was quieter. But the food was good.

Tonight, My dad took me out for another birthday dinner. I am so disgustingly full right now, it's not even funny. We went to Cattlemen's in Livermore, California. I had the "Beef and Reef" special which was a sirloin steak with your choice of seafood on the side. So I chose the Shrimp Scampi, that was SO yummy. Great service too, our server's name was Lindsey.

For dessert, I had the Cowboy Cobbler, you know because you can't not have dessert with your birthday dinner. My dad hadn'e planned on having them sing to me and embarrass me to pieces but he happened to mention when I was ordering dessert, that it had been my birthday so when they brought it out they took it upon themselves to give me the royal treatment, which for a change I was totally not expecting so I was really startled, but it was quite funny!

I got out alot this weekend, it was crazy but it sure was fun!

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