Tuesday, February 26, 2008

New Furniture

We've had out current furniture for about 4 years now.. it's about time to replace it. We seem to go through it rather quickly and in the past the only way we've been able to afford furniture was to get it from a rent to own place and pay an arm and a leg.. and our first, second, and third born.

Now that our credit score is alot cleaner, people are actually willing to give us better options! Now, I've learned my lesson in listening to the man about buying furniture however being the man that he is he wants to go all out and get leather home theater seating in our living room. WHAT?!?

I say let's get a house for that first, but I will compromise and look into leather furniture. I'd really like a nice comfortable leather recliner, although my fear is that I will never get up ever again! I think that is his fear as well.

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