Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Not Crazy Enough..

I guess someone decided that I'm not crazy ENOUGH. My 5 yr old, Liam, has got it in his head that we I should have another baby. Beeee-cause he wants to be a big brother. I tried to explain that he IS a big brother but he wants to be a big brother to a BABY brother. I also tried explaining that even though Greyson is almost 4 he is still HIS baby brother. That didn't quite fly with him. He told me we needed one "this big" (about an inch long).

He's been a little obsessed ever since his baby cousin was born in December. However, now he's got my 6 yr old agreeing with him that we should have a nice round number like 6 babies instead of just plain old 5.

Uh.. yeah I think not.

1 comment:

  1. Oh come on! Sleepless nights, weight gain, dirty diapers . . . why NOT have a 6th!