Saturday, March 22, 2008

Father's Day Gift Ideas

I know it's still March but I have been brainstorming gift ideas for hubby. The biggest complaint that man has (other than me not cleaning 24-7) is that he can never find his tools when he needs them. This is because Trouble and Trouble Jr. are always getting into them and strewing them all over the house, so they get lost. I am thinking a new set of tools are in order. I am just not sure which ones to get, I have been googling all over the place and have read good things about Delta machinery.

I would like to get him a sander so that he can sand down the dining table for me so we can refinish it. That's my summer project.. I would like to refinish the table and put some sort of protective coating on it because the kids really do a number on wood tables. And this table is somewhat special because his parents gave it to us and it's over 20 years old. It's a great table.

My job in this project is to reupholster the chairs, just get me a staple gun and let me have at it! A little bit scary the thought of me with a staple gun but I am pretty handy, at least I like to think so. Hey, I watch Trading Spaces.. it doesn't look all THAT hard!

I guess we'll see about that... hopefully I won't cut anything off.

Post To Be Continued...

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