Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Grocery Shopping Can Be Fun!

Really it can! Especially if you get along with your mom and all you do is make each other laugh.

My mom picked me up tonight (really??) and took me on a few errands. I had to make a bank deposit and pick up a few things from the store. We're at the bank and I asked her for a pen so I could fill out the deposit envelope and she pulls out this itty bitty little gel pen. I said, "this pen is so cute.. it's so tiny!". Apparently, it was one of those promotional pens from her new job.

Moving along, we're at the store and I swear people must think we are crazy. We are heading down the dairy aisle to get to the milk cooler and we pass some seasonal items they had out.. namely the Peppermint Mocha liquid Coffeemate. We both said "Oooohhh" and then I said, I want that. Too bad I'll never get to use it because Liam will drink it before I get a chance. Which she thinks is the funniest thing ever.. because it didn't happen to her repeatedly causing her to forfiet her morning coffee. So I started buying powdered.. that only deterred him for a little while, til he realized it was flavored sugar and then it was on. On like Donkey Kong!

I bought it anyway, I couldn't resist and I figure either way he's going to eat/drink it so I might as well attempt to enjoy it at least once.

Then we get to check out. Mom has the bright idea that we should do the self check instead of waiting in line. Waiting in line would have been faster because we don't have to deal with a psycho machine that doesn't let you move your bags off the counter until the payment has cleared. And it yells at you if you do!

Ah well.. all that ends well right? I'm home.. I have diet soda and coffee creamer. Life is good.

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