Friday, November 14, 2008

Who's got a laptop?

Anyone out there in cyber land been able to do a memory upgrade on their laptop?

I am thinking that when i pay off my laptop, I will see if I can get them to upgrade me to 4 gb of ram. I would go through geek squad or something like that but I think that if you have work done on your machine (by someone other than Dell) or you alter it in anyway that it voids your warranty?

Anyone know? I know that because I had previously uninstalled Vista and reinstalled XP when it crashed they wouldn't even talk to me until I put Vusta back on. Anyone, anyone??


  1. Hi Blythe! Yep, I just upgraded my Dell laptop (Inspiron 1721) and it's running with no problems...I had to wait until my warranty was up (only had a year), put XP on it myself(HATE VISTA)and it was running better than before. I had a computer tech add the ram - I asked for 2 but he added 4 (he knows me too well..LOL)and he did something else to it, but I forget yeah, I have had no problems with the laptop but I DID have to wait until my warranty with Dell was over...

  2. Kari ~ Relocated Dixie GirlNovember 17, 2008 at 12:19 PM

    Hey chick! We've got about 3-4 laptops that are D-E-D dead. lol But I'm looking for a laptop bag for toting my EHD around. Know of where I can get a CUTE one cheap?

  3. I just saw this. :) Don't know if you still need to know this or not...adding memory does not void the warranty. The memory itself won't be covered under the devices warranty. However, I would totally go to, memory there is really cheap compared to other places. Plus, they choose the exact memory you need and let you know how much you can upgrade to (not all laptops are capable of 4 gigs). You can easily install it yourself. We always buy the minimum amount of memory for our computers and then buy the good stuff from crucial.

  4. Even if I have someone other than Dell install it? Dell is an asshole so I take nothing at face value lol. They'd void your warranty if you breathe wrong.