Monday, November 24, 2008

A Sucker or Smart?

You be the judge.

Tonight, Dan wanted me to look up how much Comcast was charging for the Starz/Encore channels. Well, that information is not readily available on their website. You have to call.

So I call. The package is $18.99 a month for like 6 movie channels and Starz on Demand. Ok.. well we spend about that every month on On Demand movies, we might as well just get the package and stop ordering On Demand movies one at a time.

Then, she says you know.. If you order a phone, internet, cable bundle you can get the Starz package for free. Well, I really didn't want to because I have been plenty happy with my phone and internet deal. I only pay a flat rate of $50 a month for unlimited local/long distance and about $35 for my DSL. So she says, the unlimited local long distance is only $19.99 a month and with the phone/internet and cable your total bill will be $139 a month. Right now I'm paying about $110 for the cable and $85 for phone and internet.. so it would be a savings of around $50.

I caved. I ordered it, they are coming out next week with the new modem and they are transferring my number from ATT so I can keep the number. But, crap.. I forgot to ask about the phone features because I really need my caller ID. Guess I'll be making another call tomorrow. BLAH!

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