Thursday, November 13, 2008

It's one of those days..

Dan surprised me today and showed up back at home at 11:30 am. Here I sit (working no less) at the computer and the house is a wreck. Not just a little wreck, a BIG wreck. It looked like the living room threw up, then got hit by a tornado, then by a hurricane, and then by a monsoon. And here I sit at the computer.

Tripping over old golf shoes that no longer have matches, someone's underwear hanging from the closet shelves, well I guess it's better there than on someone's head where it usually is.

Insert dead silence. "Hi honey, what are you doing home?!?!!" Uh.. yeah ok.

Thankfully he wasn't mad. Not so thankful he didn't help me clean it up, contribute to it SURE! Clean it.. yeah right!

Oh well, I guess that is what I will be doing while everyone is asleep tonight. Fun time! Anyone wanna trade?

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