Sunday, November 23, 2008

Sunday Somethings

I hope everyone's weekends are going well. I just woke up, so I'm being a lazy bum. My mom and I are supposed to go to the mall and try on clothes so I have something dressy to wear on special occasions.

We were also going to have my hair styled at the flat iron place in the mall. She bought a flatiron set from them and they have this deal where if you bring in your receipt they will style your hair for free for an entire year. I wanted to see how my hair would look in curls with this particular haircut. It's starting to grow out and I need it trimmed but I can't afford to go right now.

On a totally other note- I have noticed an obscene amount of spam coming though my email lately. I just have to laugh at some of the "subject" that come through on daily basis. Like for example "Jane lost 15 pounds in 5 weeks with tea!" Um ok.. well good for Jane. Then you open it up and they want you to order Phentermine or some crazy weight loss drug.

Then there is the ever so popular extend your penis emails. But incase you haven't noticed, I'm a chick. I don't have a penis. Ah, thank god for email spam filters, they are the best!

Oh well, Dan is letting me use his computer to get some work done so I better go! Have a great Sunday!

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