Saturday, April 26, 2008

Kinda Funny..

Or slightly humorous at best.

I recently discovered (via my stat counter) that the post I made about the restless leg syndrome meds was being linked to and talked about on a poker forum. I was sitting here checking my stats and it shows me a referring link if it's available. So I see something in there from a poker forum.. so of course out of sheer curiousity I go and read the thread. It really gave me a good chuckle.. I was envisioning all these guys (and gals too) sitting around their poker tables and chatting it up about my blog.

Insert giggle here, still makes me laugh.

Oh, here's another funny for you. I was having a dream this morning while I was half asleep. And really, I'm sitting here trying to think of how to word this and I really want to bust out laughing.

Here goes.. I was in this place and I think that I worked there and in walks Gina Miller to pick up some supplies, not sure why seeing as how we all work in cyber space. But I was walking around and my jeans just fell off. This has actually been a real problem for me because I dont think that the jeans I have are the right cut for my body type. I have hips so they should stay up just fine, but they don't and I'm always hiking them up.

Anyway, back to the dream.. so my pants fall down so I quickly pick them back up and Miss Gina happens to see this and we're having a good laugh about it. I made the comment that I thought my butt was too flat anymore and I made a joke that I thought I needed a butt lift. So, then I said (more seriously) that I needed those panties that had the "butt thing on them" to which the next thing I heard was my husband saying "WHAT???" because I had actually said it out loud in my sleep!! Oh my Gosh! So thenI had to explain that I was having a dream and I was talking in my sleep. So then we laughed.. and I had to explain further about these underwear things that have those cushy butt implants attached, kind of like the chicken cutlets for your bra but for your butt.

So, yeah I woke up laughing hysterically this morning.


  1. LOL. Love your dream! I'd love to have funny dreams like that -- mine are always scary!

  2. Okay - not "kinda" funny. TOTALLY HYSTERICAL. What an awesome dream - thank you for sharing it!

  3. that is TOO FUNNY! thanks for sharing that.

  4. Elaine BittencourtApril 26, 2008 at 12:35 PM

    "kinda" funny! It's so friggin funny! LOL

    thanks for the laugh!!!!

  5. OK, I'm laughing, that is funny!

  6. Blythe...came to check out your blog and to add you to my bloglines...and ended up cracking up so loud my husband came to see what was up!!

    That is way too funny about the poker site...I can just see them smoking their cigars drinking their beer all awhile talking about it...*LOL*

    Your dream is hysterical....too funny!!

    have a great day!

  7. LOL! Love when I pop up in people's pants-falling-down dreams. =D