Monday, April 7, 2008

My Day...

Today was kind of an odd day. I was in the middle of writing a fun little blog post when all of a sudden my screen went blue. Yes, that's right I got the dreaded Blue Screen of Death. Luckily, for me I have several means of backups and everything of importance was on my external hard drive and that was not affected. At least someone is looking out for me because if I had lost any of those files I'd be on the couch in the fetal position right now.

So, even though my nearly brand new, under a year old laptop computer built for heavy graphics and gobs of memory took a nose dive I am in a good mood because I didn't lose anything important. Yea me!

My son, Liam, who is 5 and starting Kindergarten this year.. provided I can get his doctor to fill out this form and have it back to me on time, has taken a shine to infomercials. He takes after my mother that way, who I had dubbed "The Queen of Infomercials". She and I used to take Sundays off from life, sleep late, have coffee, make huge Sunday breakfasts, and then spend the rest of the day watching infomercials. At one point she had just about everything that you had ever seen on tv. Wonder Mops, magical pots and pans,colon cleansers, you name it she had it.

Long story a tiny bit shorter, Liam was sitting on the couch the other day when a commercial came on tv. It wasn't quite long or good enough to be called a commercial but not yet long enough to be an actual infomercial.. so let's just call it a infant-mercial. So, he's watching this infant-mercial and he turns to me in his ever so serious sweet little voice and says, "Mom don't you want a Pancake Puff Pan?"

Of course I said no.. but he insisted I did. I must admit those little pancake puff balls filled with ooey gooey chocolate pudding really did look good. I was telling my mom about it the other night and of course the first words out of her mouth.. after the giggling stopped were "Hey, I want one too" Gee how in the world did I know she was going to say that?

Anywa, I hope y'all have a great night.. I've had a long day and I'm headed to bed.

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