Friday, April 4, 2008

Prescription Plans

It's no secret that I suffer from several medical conditions and that I currently am uninsured medically. My husband's job offered medical benefits but they would have cost us $600 a month out of his check, which if we took we couldn't afford to eat or pay our bills but at the same time we couldn't afford to not have it. We did qualify briefly for state insurance but lost it as hubby got a cost of living raise, so I've been having to pay for my meds out of pocket and sometimes my mom has to pay for it, at least the ones that are most important for me to take daily. The others are important as well but I won't die if I don't take them.

Anyway, I've been doing some research on prescription plans and I've come across some info on Medicare that I thought was interesting. According to Wikipedia: " Medicare Part D is a federal program to subsidize the costs of prescription drugs for Medicare beneficiaries in the United States." I always thought that Medicare was specifically geared towards senior citizens, but I can't find anything in the documents online that specifically say that and from the information I have been finding talks about folks of non-retirement age. I still have alot of reading to do but I am feeling slightly hopeful that maybe I've found away to get coverage for my meds without having to stress myself out constantly. And if not, well I'll search on.

Fingers crossed!!


  1. Melissa aka Phoenix DesignsApril 5, 2008 at 11:01 AM

    Ya know I feel sorry for those that live in the US and not be able to rely on cheaper medication or even be subsidised. Being an employee for the Ministry of Health in NZ I process a lot of benefits for patients that rely on cheaper prescriptions. I hope things go well for you soon hun. On a brighter note LOL youve been tagged *winks* LOL

  2. Not 100% certain, but 99.99% sure that you do have to be a Medicare recipient to be eligible for Medicare Part D (drug help). To be on Medicare you either have to be 65 years of age, or declared disabled, and drawing Medicare Disability. Used to be you had to draw it for 1 year to be able to go onto Medicare. Seem to think that has changed not sure how long it is now. Hope I'm wrong, butttt...don't think so. Good luck!

  3. I sure hope you can find help Blythe, I know how stinkin' expensive those drugs can be! (yeah I have the same condition as you do) Big hugs to you!!