Saturday, September 15, 2007

The end of another day...

My mom took the 2 older boys overnight last night and brought them home this afternoon. I spent the morning cleaning. It's funny how you can scrub a bathroom spotless and not 15 minutes later have it smell the same as when you started. I think it's actually my toilet seat, things getting trapped in the hinges that are impossible to get out. I think I should get a new toilet seat/lid.
I was supposed to take the little boys back to the Dr's office to have their TB tests read.. however, they were not open? They told me to come in on a day knowing they would not be there. Really. I don't know what they were thinking, so we have to go back on Monday.
I think I need to replace the batteries in my wireless notebook mouse again.. it's funny because the box said one battery should last an entire 6 months. I guess that's 6 months worth of normal human use lol. I've had the computer for about 2 months now. I have super-human computer using strengths!! Ok, that may not be something worth bragging about lol.
My mom took the older boys to the dinner making place this morning too. You know, the ones where you go and do all the prep work and make your entrees and come home and throw em in the fridge/freezer for later? Well, she brought me a bunch of meals so tonight we had Cheese Ravoli w/ Red Pepper Pesto sauce and broccoli mixed in. It was really very good, fatty but good. Actually, I ended up tweaking it a little so it wasn't all that bad for me points wise. I had to mix in some milk, but I used fat free instead of regular and I picked out all the nuts from the parmesan cheese that came with it. DH isn't a fan of nuts that aren't his own. We also had "Back to School Apple Crisp" for dessert. THAT I did not have any of. I couldn't justify the 450+ calories and 17 fat grams per serving. Did I mention I am back on WW? No? Well,there you go :)
I buddied up with one of my CT Members and we are doing it together, mailing each other what we ate the previous day. It's been a week and so far we have each lost a pound. YAY go us!
I am apparently in a design funk. I am trying to come up with something fabulous and well, it's not going very well. I keep tossing everything I try, nothing looks right. I think I might scrap. I started a layout yesterday that I haven't finished yet. I just have the title left to do. Alrighty, you talked me into it.. I'm going to go finish it.
Catch you all tomorrow, thanks for reading!

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  1. but the key question here is are you a fan of Dan's...never mind. LMAO

    You and your super computer strengths need to get me scrapping, I've got til Oct 22 to use my coupon for a free shutterfly book. AGH!