Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Music and such

I was just on youtube creating a playlist for myself. I had no idea you could do that until a friend told me. Soo cool! I don't have any music on my computer and pitiful old me was just sitting here listening to my Myspace page music over and over again lol. I need to get myself an MP3 player.

I got one for free awhile back but it didn't hold much music. I want one that holds a good amount. DH has an iPod but it's full of his music and we don't share the same interest in music. I am a country girl (read hick) and he's a metal head. Opposites really DO attract!

He's also over 6 feet tall and I am 4'11 lol. I often feel like we are the Jolly Green Giant and his lil buddy sprout when we are out together lol. Which is another reason I wear higher heeled shoes alot.

Oh and I want it to be pretty. Pretty, girly, and sparkly.

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