Monday, September 17, 2007

Mondays are not my friend....

She says as she sits here sipping her coffee....

Mondays are not my friend. They never are.

I didn't get to bed as early as I had hoped lst night. I got kinda of sidetracked on my way upstairs by the stench in my downstairs bathroom. Even though I had cleaned the bathroom TWICE yesterday the stink was still...well, stinky! And I couldn't find where it was coming from.

Well, last night I found it.. it was the most foul thing ever in my history of being a mom to many boys. And boys do some foul things, but I think this one takes the cake.

**Disclaimer, do not read the information below if you are easily grossed out... or eating.**

They were peeing in the bathtub. With the drain plugged. Don't say I didn't warn ya.

EW!! Oh believe you me I was completely grossed out... and that is saying alot. So, instead of collapsing in my bed like I had wanted to.. I had to clean out the tub. Bleach, hot water, bleach, and more bleach. And Air freshener... lots of air freshener. It's better this morning. MUCH.

So, that's the reason I didn't get to bed on time. And now.. my 2 little ones have disappeared upstairs. I can still hear them.. but god only knows what they may be getting into. Hopefully, they are still dressed. We have to go back to the Dr's office and have their TB tests read and pick up some papers so that I can go apply for Liam to go to preschool.

Thanks for reading!

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  1. truly funny, sorry for you but thanks for sharing that funny story

  2. Oh no Ew yuck! LOL

  3. [hugs] Boys do the darndest things - dont' they? Brenden finds things to get into trouble with that Micaila would never have dreamed of...

  4. Hello, me again. Just wanted you to know, you are not alone. Kids are gross. My oldest boy is 11 now. But when he was about 8 we lived in a different house. The bathroom was quite far from his bedroom. Down a hall, another hall, a set of stairs and throught kitchen and living room to get there. Apparently this was too much to ask. So my child became creaative and used a lego buket as his own personal urinal. Imagine my disgust when I went to collect laundry and found this fowl odor. After many moments of "Find That Smell" (my favorite game in the world)I located the bucket in question. My son to this day will start to pick on his sisters about something they did that is gross in his opinion. I only need to say lego bucket and he clams up!

  5. Ugghhh boys, Gross is my ds not wanting to flush after he pee's Gross i know but I hadn't checked his bathroom in 4 days cuz he was bathing in his sis's b-room and when I finally walked in OMG, I wanted to puke I flushed then bleached left if for 15 mins scrubbed and flushed and then I told my son never ever again will I do that again. !!PLEASE FLUSH every time. I hope the tub thang doesn't happen to me but we'll see, LOL

  6. Oh goodness! So glad you figured it out and got it all cleaned up!

  7. EW!!!!! That's just gross, and so something my son would do. Nasty!

    And this blog comment was sponsered by Designs by Heather Manning. LMAO J/K