Friday, September 28, 2007

More on real estate...

Sorry to get all *adult*like on ya.. just something that's been on my mind alot recently... I really want a house. We have been renting for over 10 yrs and while apartment living was fine when we only had a few kids... now it's not all that great with 5 of them. Right now we are living in a 3 bed 2 ba, 2 level townhouse... 1200 sq feet with 5 kids. Not ideal but it's better than nothing.. it however is NOT better than a house with an extra bedroom.. or 2 lol.

Real estate is at an all-time (?) low right now.. tons of houses in our area are being foreclosed on or just being sold at insanely low prices. Not too long ago there was an open house down the street from our house. My mom and I were driving by and just stopped on our way home. OMG the house was amazing. It was HUGE and they wanted over 500,000 for it.. the way it looked, it was totally worth it. But was it realistic for the way the market is right now, probably not.

It was beautiful though and I was in love. It had a HUGE backyard.. 5 bedrooms PLUS 2 additional rooms, one was downstairs probably used as a guest room and the other was upstairs and HUGE. It was actually a home office, but I was IN LOVE. That was my fave room in the whole house LOL.

I'd just be happy right now to have an extra bedroom, an actual family room and a backyard in addition to what I have now. That would be a dream. Maybe someday :)

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  1. I want a house too! LOL Go check out my blog! There's something there for ya!