Friday, September 14, 2007

A little of this ALOT of that...

The kids had Dr appts yesterday, Liam needed his 4-5 yr checkup to get everything out of the way for school next year and so we can get him enrolled in a pre-K program. They had him do a hearing test which in itself was a hoot! He wasn't quite grasping the concept of pushing the little red button everytime he heard "the beep". Not to mention that the button was hard to push the way she wanted him to hold it. And I think her accent was hard for him to understand.

After I explained it to him (you know like a mom would to a 4 yr old), he seemed to do fine and passed his hearing test. There was no doubt the child could hear... listening on the other hand.. THAT is an entirely different subject.

Then was the vision test, how many 4 yr olds know that this + is called a plus sign or a cross? Not many that I know.. mine called it an X. I thought that was an appropriate answer for his age. I'm not entirely convinced that these types of tests are very accurate with young children.

Me on the otherhand, even wearing my glasses am blind as a bat.. AND they let me drive!

Then it happened....

I was handed 2 specimen sample cups. She says, I need them to pee. Ummmmm, 2 little boys, who haven't been potty trained for very long, don't have the best aim, and you want them to pee in THAT little cup? Uhh yeah ok. Well, too bad because you took over 35 minutes (PAST) my appointment time, they peed right before we came in. Sucks to be you!

I did, however, manage to squeeze a dribble or two out of Greyson since he pees like ever 5 minutes. But Liam.. um yeah nope.. the child has a bladder of steel. So, I had to take it home and I have to get a sample from him before I take them back on Saturday to have their TB tests read.

Immunizatons went pretty well.. Greyson got 1 in the leg + the TB test.. he cried during the shot. Liam got 1 in each leg and took it like a champ. He's so big.. I guess that scares me a little that his pain tolerance is pretty high. I see many (more) ER trips in my future.

In other news...

I was asked by Hummie to write a little blurb for her blog, so look for my Designer Technique on October 5th. I am very excited to just have been asked and a little intimidated being preceeded by Christina Renee and Faith True.

Safeway (food stores) are having a pretty cool promotion through Sept 25th. If you buy 20+ of selected items , you will get an instant $20 discount. That is on top of your club card savings. If you have coupons for said items, you save even more.

I went last night just to test it out.. bought lots of things I don't really need but when I thought about it, I actually do lol.

From the list I bought:

4 boxes cake mix (betty crocker)-I have 3 bdays coming up I need to make cakes for.
4 frostings (BC)
2 pkg hotdogs (BallPark)
2 pkg hot dog buns (BallPark)
2 family size bags of tostitos scoops (dh wanted)
3 boxes CapriSuns
1-24 pk diet coke
2-10 pk boxes of Orville Smart Pop

Things I bought not on the list:

Milk, Applesauce, and Store brand cooking spray, cottage cheese.

With my club card AND the 20.00 discount I saved 47.19

My out of pocket balance was 47.12

Not too bad.. I saved about 50% off my bill.

Our luck has been pretty good as of the last few weeks. Last week, we won the saftey bingo at Dan's work. Although, the pot went from $500 down to $100 about 10 days before because one of the mechanics had some sort of accident... I think it involved a forklift and some boxes.. i don't know. I went to have lunch with Dan to bring him the Bingo card so they could verify and we could get our check and I find out that the day before he had ANOTHER accident, same guy no less and the pot dropped BACK down to $100. So our payout was $103.

I said, "I think Matt needs to be fired." Dan said, "I think he owes me $400." We giggled.

Now fast forward to Tuesday afternoon. I walk in the door from picking up Braeden from school and the phone is ringing. The machine picked up before I could get to it so I couldn't see who it was on the caller ID, but I grabbed it and it was Dan and he sounded all happy. Earlier in the morning he was all pissy, so I knew something was up. That and he said I'd be happy lol.

Apparently, they had a Back to School raffle for those who had school age kids and guess who won??? Crazy huh? Now here's where it gets good... we won $200 PER school age kid! We have 3 in school full time, $600!!!!!

Can you say "Shopping Spree?" Because I sure can :o)

It doesn't matter who or what I am buying.. I'm just happy spending money LOL!

Anyway, bless you if you've made it all the way through today's rambling and thank you for reading!


  1. WOW Blythe, you guys won the best raffle ever!! Congrats on such a great winning spree!!

    I can't believe Liam is 4!! Are you sure?! Didn't our kids JUST turn 3?! Wow, what big boys!

    Your post today was quite humorous. I really enjoyed reading about the boys and catching up on you. I miss the good old days back at BZ when everyone seemed to have more time on their hands!!

    How cool you are going to do that for Hummie, what an honor!! I can't wait to see what you write about. You are so smart and such a great inspiration to all of us, even those who just come across your path for a moment in time!

  2. How awesome is that winning all that?! Have fun shopping!