Friday, September 7, 2007

Update on Weekend Alone...

When you have kids, (and friends with no kids) things rarely go off without a hitch.

Originally, we were supposed to go on a motorcycle ride with friends up to Yosemite. Well, turned out that DH's best friend's GF couldn't go until later in the day due to a prior engagement. It is a 2-3 hr drive one way so we would have had to leave really early in the am.

DH and I decided that we'd *let* my mom keep the kids anyway so we could have some us time. I was kinda bummed b/c I knew now that our plan had gone awry, we'd probably sit in the house and ignore each other. I really was looking forward to going out and doing *something*.

GOOD NEWS! We did not sit at home. Instead, DH's boss gave us tickets to the Monterey Bay Aquarium, where he has a membership. We also, went out to breakfast at IHOP before we left. Most of the day "out" was spent sitting in traffic, as it was a holiday weekend and apparently everyone in California was on this specific highway right at that moment lol.

We did have a nice time at the aquarium. They have a new white shark that got caught in a fishing net off the coast of Southern California. He's just a youngin', not really huge yet. We got some photos but they were hard to come by since the lighting was BAD and they asked that no one used flash photography when taking pics of the shark. Made for some blurry shots :(
Link to more info about the shark:

One thing I learned is that if you go there.. go during the week, when school is in session and no one is on a fieldtrip lol. If I had taken my kids on this trip, it would have been IMPOSSIBLE. I would have lost someone or spent the entire time doing head counts.

We ended the night with dinner at Red Lobster.. hmm yumm. I love lobster and rarely get it so it was a HUGE treat. Usually, I try to avoid eating things with eyes, lobster is the exception to the rule. DH put the claw shells on his fingers and "pinchered" me lol. Silly man.

The kids did not go to the beach on Monday as planned, I kinda figured this would happen. Upside... we still have these friends.

Kids are all finally back in school and no one is off track. YAY! Although now I have to leave 45 minutes early to pick up my 1st grader from school and we live less than 1 minute (drive time) from the school. But I have to get there at least 30 min early to get a good spot iin the pick up line.

Why don't I walk? Well, I'll tell ya. I have 2 little ones.. only one of which will make it both ways. The 3 yr old will be great one way and then refuse to walk home, so he ends up being dragged home kicking and screaming. Not exaggerating either, I'd much rather sit in the truck in the parking lot for a half an hour.. wouldn't you?


  1. You have been featured at Scrap Praise!

  2. I love reading you because I feel like you understand how it feels to be me. I also have 5 kids. Mine range from 3 to 13. I get the bus pick up bit, and the dating your husband bit. I also know what you mean about hanging out at home and ignoring each other. Always need a backup plan. I'll be back