Sunday, September 30, 2007

Look! A Layout!

And a small ad lol.

But first the layout :) I struggled with the journaling on this one. I really wanted to leave it blank without journaling but I always feel like I should write something. For me this page isn't about a "memory" per se. See, that's because it's not really a memory of mine. DH took this photo one day when he took the kids out of the house so I could clean it uninterruptedly. So, I guess technically THAT part is MY memory lol. Anyway, I said screw it and used the lyrics of this old country song as my journaling. it was cute and sweet.

As for the teeny tiny pic at the bottom... well DH resized it for his desktop and I dont think he saved the original AND he erased it from the memory card. So this is what I've got.


  • Background Paper & staple from Micheline Martin's Colourful Wonderland Kit at TDS.
  • Frame by Micheline Martin at TDS.
  • Flowers and Stamped alpha- Karah Fredricks Pixie Dusted Posies at Blue Flombingo.
  • Starlite Element pack by Blythe Evans (Sept Scrapz Sack at OAKS)
  • Letter 'G'- Ashes to Ashes Alpha by me at OAKS.
  • Fonts: CKLovenote & Century Gothic.
  • Journaling: You Are My Flower by Flatt and Scruggs (song)

And now on to the advertisment.

I am having a 35% off sale on *most* personal items right now. The only personal items that are not on sale are the items I put into the "dollar bin" and my Scrapz Sack. Sack is only available until the 4th for $2 and then on friday it will be revealed at full price for each item. Sale ends Oct. 2nd.

Also, new this week is a set of commercial use overlays. Since there are only 2 overlays, they are only $3.oo

Thanks for reading!

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