Sunday, May 4, 2008

Blind as a bat

Ok, it's not quite that bad, but I made ya look! I've had my current set of eyeglasses for well over 5 years now. I'm note ven sure they are the right prescription anymore, I can see but apparently that doesn't mean anything. I think it's time for a new pair... the inside nose pads are broken so when it's hot and I sweat I get sore spots.

Not to mention how insanely outdated in fashion they are. I want cute ones this time. I would really love to either get contacts or Lasik. I've worn glasses nearly all my life except for a brief moment of rebellion. I had eye surgery when I was 6 to correct a lazy eye and now I am farsighted with a astigmatism. I'd absolutley love to not have to ever worry about it again.

Oh well.. I am getting tired. I have been at my mom's all weekend while Dan was away working a race and I have only been home a few hours so I think I am going to call it a night. have a great Cinco De Mayo!

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