Wednesday, May 28, 2008

A Rant

Usually, I don't go on rants too much but this one.. well this one annoys me to no end so I thought I'd give y'all something entertaining to read today.

MySpace Spam.

How obnoxious is this? And usually it's some chick with big boobs wanting to be my friend. Why do you want to my friend? I have my own boobs thanks and they are plenty big enough, I don't need your shoved in my face too.

What prompted this you ask? I got one today for a new restaraunt in my town, which will remain nameless because I will not give them the satisfaction of unpaid advertising on my blog. You want some, pay me. It's similar to Hooters, if you get my drift. I hit the spam button and felt vindicated.

Another time, I got a friend request for an actor's page of a soap that I don't even watch! And nor do I plan to start watching it. I am a die hard All My Children Fan through and through.. so if you want me to be a fan and pretend you are my friend on Myspace.. you're going to have to join the All My Children cast.. and even then I cannot promise to like you. I reported that one as spam too, only to get a SECOND request. How ballsy is that? And before you go all crazy on me.. I know they have "peeps" to do this for them and it's not really "them" per se.. but seriously.. get a grip.

End rant.


  1. BLAHAHAHA!! Hey, how about you just be happy your popular enough to get SPAM on my space, huh?!?!? Cause I don't even get that, so you should feel special!! MUAH!

  2. *applauds* I hear ya!!! I don't care to have some chick's store-bought set shoved up in my face. I got my own home-grown set, thank ya very much. lol And what's up with these folks that post 4000000 bulletins of the SAME THING? UGH. They gotta go.