Thursday, May 15, 2008

Totally off the wall..

But kinda funny, at least it is to me. The other night Dan and I were sitting here watching tv and all of a sudden an ad for Branson resorts comes on the tv. Hubby wasn't aware that Branson, MO was a pretty big resort hotspot and really neither did I until a few months ago when I discovered it and blogged about it. When I had heard about it before, I decided to research it so I looked it up in a search and found all sorts of cool stuff to do.

One thing in particular that caught my eye was the Silver Dollar City Theme Park. Now I know what you're probably thinking, once you've been to one theme park, you seen em all. That's normally what I think too, even though secretly I'm a big kid and I love theme parks! But this one seems a bit more interesting to me. It's "set to the tune of the 1880's Ozark culture". They've got rides, they've got demonstrating craftsmen, food (!), and loads of entertainment.

Well, there you have it.. I've sold myself! Hey honey! Guess where we're going this summer?!?!!


  1. OK, when are ya'll planning the trip, we're planning one to Branson, too! We're only I think 3 hours from there.

  2. You should definitely check Branson resort out. I didn't know it was such an attraction until I did some research before going there but there is sooo much to do also.