Friday, May 23, 2008

I miss my laptop!

Thought I'd update y'all on the status of my laptop. A tech came out the other day and installed a "new" video card only to find out that that did not fix my problem. But then later I find out that he didn't install the video card that I had originally ordered in the first place. So now they are sending out another tech with the correct video card even though the original tech thinks it might be my motherboard. This really should not be happening. I've had the computer barely a year and I'm sure my poor husband would like his computer back.

He's been really great about my having to use it to work. Hopefully it will be fixed really soon, because I sure miss being able to take it to my mom's and actually get some work done!

What's up for the weekend.. I have no clue! As far as I know, Dan doesn't have to work so we might be able to go do something. He said some friends were making some noise about a couples motorcycle ride. Only problem with that is that my jacket doesn't fit anymore. I need a new leather jacket or something.

I'd much rather just go out on a ride with my husband.. I always have to share him and frankly I don't want to! MINE MINE MINE! :) Ok, tantrum over.

Before I sign off, I want to direct you over to my good friend Heather's blog/store where she is having a Memorial Day sale all weekend long! 40% off all her stores, run go check it out!

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