Thursday, May 29, 2008

How Mature Am I?

I was poking around the internet a few weeks ago and I found the hair dye that I want to get. Now, I'm not telling yet so don't ask. I will post pictures after I actually do it. One thing I can tell you is that I haven't decided yet whether I want to do it as an all over or if I want to get highlights. I'm leaning towards highlights but that is something I will have to get professionally done. I attempted it once by myself and it wasn't pretty!

So, I mentioned what I was thinking to my mom, who basically told me I was too old and she didn't want a freak for a daughter. I was floored! I knew my mom was judgemental but hello?? this is me! So now I'm definately going to do it.. just to spite her, hehe. Despite the gray hairs, I am finding I refuse to acknowledge that I am old! I'm not, I am 32. Thirty-two is not old!

On to other business.. I think I found the exact medical id bracelet that I want. It's purple and beaded, what more do I need?? It's beautiful. I'll post a picture later, right now I have to run and pick up my son from school.

Have a great day!!

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