Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day

Today started off a little rocky, I'm still a little cranky but I think that I was mostly just frustrated and I tend to bottle things up and then when they come out, boy do they come out!

My 12 year old picks up on these things and then he can be such a sweetheart and I feel awful that I was in such a foul mood and probably took it out on him. He made me a very nice turkey and cheese omelette with hashbrowns. He did a really great job too.

My mom ended up coming over and taking the kids away so I could rest. I ended up cleaning and doing laundry because it is easier for me to get these things done when no one is here to mess it up as it gets finished. My son bought me a new set of kitchen knives for Mother's Day, my sweet boy.

Dan sent me home with my mom because my brothers were taking her out to dinner and she wanted me to come too. We were originally going to go to Olive Garden but when we called at 5 they said if we were to come in right then it would be at least a 2-3 hour wait. So, we didn't go there! There was no way we could have done that, we had 2 little ones with us.

So we went to our favorite Chinese restaraunt and it was perfect. We actually got reservations, so hard to find places that actually take reservations anymore. My sister in law was asking me if I could watch the girls for a little bit on Wednesday morning as she is having surgery, and then my brother was explaining the drug treatment program with the pain medication she has to do for the 3 days following the surgery. Sounded a bit painful but she won't feel a thing!

And then as if we didn't eat enough, we went out for ice cream. Then it was home sweet home. I am pretty tired. I think I will be getting to bed pretty soon, I have a full day of loading product into my store tomorrow. Hope everyone had a great weekend.

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  1. Sounded like you had a pretty full day! Hope your Mother's Day was all you wanted it to be!! MWAHS