Monday, May 12, 2008

Moving Up..

Have you seen this show? I love this show. I love Doug Wilson. Anyway, if you've never seen the show, they take 3 sets of people who are looking to buy a new home or move on from an old home. The first set of people are usually first time homeowners who buy a home from the second set of people who usually are a small family who need more space. Then the third set of people are either an older couple or someone moving out of state, then the first two sets do some renovations and the second two come back and walk through their "old home". Get it?

Ok, so this one episode hubby and I were watching was about a good looking single firefighter guy buying his first home, which was a really cute 2 bedroom townhouse with a loft area upstairs. The people he bought it from had 2 small kids and it was way too small for them. They were buying a coloniel country home from an older couple who were moving back into the city.

Now, the husband from the younger couple had the loft area of their townhouse as what he called "Man Town".. I think it's pretty self explanitory right? Ok, well the single guy repainted and totally furnished that same area into more of a man's space. The way they had it wasn't all that manly if you ask me.. anyway so he tricked it all out and then he watched what the couple had to say on they're walk through. They hated it. The guy said he didn't "get it". I'm going um.. I'm a chick and *I* get it. What's not to get.. there's a game table, leather recliners, weight equipment in the corner, big screen tv.. sounds like a man room to me!!

However, the older couple really liked what the younger couple did to their house. It really was nice.. but I think they could appriciate more that it wasn't their home anymore and they knew it would be changed.

Like I said.. I love that show!

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