Saturday, August 23, 2008

400 Posts!!

Not that 400 posts is a huge accomplishment or anything, I just logged in to blog and noticed that this post I am writing now will make a nice round number so I thought, "Hey let's celebrate!" Why not right?

It's just another Saturday here in the land of chaos. Dan is at the track and I am here at home trying to get a little work done..not very successfully though. I am sort of tired of looking at the same thing I have been looking at for the last three days. Click, Click, Click, delete. It's kind of boring and mundane.

I do have some good news though, Dan got a raise at work! It makes me feel a little more secure although I would like to find something for myself as well to try to help out a little more than I have been. Not something else to replace what I am already doing, but a little something in addition to. I like where I am right now, I wouldn't want to be moving companies or anything like that, I just need more money.

Someone in a forum I go to linked me to a company that offers positions doing phone work from home. It sounds like something I could do and I aminterested in it but I am worried that I would have the kids screaming in the background and I wouldn't be able to do it. The kids are going back to school pretty soon and I will just have Greyson at home with me so it might be a bit quieter. They seem to be pretty flexible in their service hours so I may be able to make it work, we'll see. The pay is pretty enticing.. it's $9 an hour for sitting at home in my pj's and answering the phone, which I do anyway! Sounds like a no brainer huh?

We'll see what hubby thinks when he gets home. You all enjoy the rest of your Saturday!

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