Saturday, August 9, 2008

Just another day in the city...

No, No, No I am not going to bust out in song, don't worry your ears are safe.

I spent the day in the city (that would be San Francisco by the way) with my mom. She had a convention thing to go to and had wanted to take my son. Well, he didn't want to go so my husband suggested that I go in his place and get out of the house for a bit. Shoot.. you don't have to tell me twice!

I had about 20 minutes notice and I needed to shower, do my hair AND my yeah we were late.It was an all day event anyway so it was OK. It was a really good thing that my son didn't want to go because when we got there they had big yellow signs that said no children under 16 would be let in. He's only 12.

he would have been completely bored anyway. He has no interest in listening to demonstrations about makeup, acne creams, and facial cleansers. They had a lot more going on as well, like energy drinks, vitamins, household products and so forth.

I got a really cool little lip gloss sample and it wasn't a cheesy little thing on a cardboard card. It's like the size of one of those little cell phone charm lip gloss things. Really pretty color too.

After that we went out to dinner at this cute little pub-style restaurant that didn't serve pub food (??). It was more upscale and bit more pricey but the food was good. I had Tortellini and pesto sauce. I also had a yummy margarita. it was called a La Pinta margarita. It is made with La Pinta Pomegranate tequila, lime juice and sweet &sour mix. REALLY good!

We got back into town and we had to stop off at my brother's house to give him his work keys. My mom is borrowing his car til hers is out of the shop.. a whole OTHER story there. Anyway, we got there while they were in the middle of dinner and my brother being the good host that he is offered to make me a drink. So, I'm like sure what the heck.. hit me!

So he hands me this concoction he made and refuses to tell me what is in it. Just taste it he says.. famous last words right? I thought so too. It turned out to be pretty good. It was lemonade with sliced strawberries, ice, and vodka. I normally don't do vodka but this was pretty good.

We played with the girls for a little bit and then headed home. So that was my day, how was yours?

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