Thursday, August 7, 2008


Oh boy, where do I even begin. Let's start with my so called "break".

Last week, I decided to take an impromptu break from designing to declutter and get a little more organized. You'll start noticing newer, prettier, and improved product previews popping up in the next few weeks. I'm not going to change them all and upload them all at once. I'll be doing a few at a time

I didn't announce this publicly, just to my creative team. Anyway, it hasn't been much of a break... I made two new products lol. One of which, took me literally all day today and it's not really even ready for packaging yet, almost though.

I had to run out to the grocery store tonight to grab a few things plus get money orders to pay the rent, which was late because it was past the 5th and they charge $35 per day that it's late. UGH.

I made Rice Krispie Treats after I got home.. it made me feel better :)

Before I forget, I have some products that will be retiring soon so I have placed them on sale for only $1 each. There are several element sets, some paper packs, a few alphas, and even a full page kit! For just $1. They are available at both and in the Clearance section at Oscraps.

Alright, I better get out of here before I fall asleep typing. I don't think that would be a pretty site.

Have a good night.

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