Friday, August 29, 2008

Which is better?

I re-did the purple in my hair yesterday except instead of just applying the purple to streaks like we did last time.. (dont kill me Suz) I just did my whole head with what was left of the Manic Panic.

It took really well.. making the existing purple REALLLLLLY purple and the rest of it a nice dark purplish/reddish/brown color. It's hard to see unless I am out in the sun but I had Dan take a few pics last night. The sun was going down so only a few came out.. this is my fave but I can't decide between B&W or Color. Dan says Color.. Bobbie says B&W. I like them both. I used the Demo version of the Totally Rad Photo Actions on this photo btw. They rock!

So here they are..

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