Friday, August 8, 2008

Task of the Day

Setting up a budget. I do so much better when I know what I have and not freaking out about what might possibly be pending.

What inspired me to get off my duff? A good friend of mine found herself in a much larger hole and didn't realize she was in a hole at all until she felt the dirt being thrown in on top of her.

So what better day to get this going than payday! This week we have a few bills, I have to pay on the phone, the electric, the car insurance for the truck, and food. I know it'll make me feel better once we are caught up, I just have a bit of trouble actually letting GO of the money.

The good news is that Dan will be heading back to the races next week, they were taking a bit of a break. It's just a one day event but it's better than nothing! Hopefully it'll be a good one.

Alright, enough procrastinating.. I'm off to figure out all our needs and whatnot.

Have a great day.

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