Sunday, August 3, 2008

"You learn something new everyday..."

Ever hear that saying? Well, it's true.

Would you like to know what I learned yesterday? Of course you would.

I learned that it NOT a good idea to stick rubbing alcohol up your nose. Not only does it not smell very good but it stings something fierce.

Now why in the world would possess me (or anyone else for that matter) to stick rubbing alcohol up my nose? Well, ok.. here's the back story.

I have my nose pierced. I had it done when I was 17 but I stopped wearing it when I was pregnant with my son because I lost it and I just didn't get a new stud. I figured with a baby it might not be a good idea. Every few years, I'd start wearing it again but end up taking it out because it would hurt or something.

I reopened it for my trip to Reno but I bought studs specifically made for noses, so I don't even feel it. I took it out last night to clean it and the hole and I stuck a alcohol soaked Q-tip up my nose to clean the inside. Yeah, note to self- Don't do that again.

I am sitting over at my mom's this weekend surfing the net and checking out Vegas vacations, I've never been to Vegas so if we move back to Nevada I think I might like to take a trip down and check it out. Just to say I've done it and maybe collect some more Player's cards. Just something to do I guess.

My mom and I are going to watch a movie so I am going to get going. Hope you all are having a fab weekend! I'll tell you all about mine tomorrow.

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