Friday, August 22, 2008

Housewares and Chocolate.. and wine.

I went to a Pampered Chef party tonight at my sister in-laws. She was hosting a party for her friend Christal. It was a lot of fun! She served lots of chocolate, always a good time.. and we polished off 3 bottles of wine. I didn't, I had to drive home and I don't really like wine too much.

Christal made these puffed pastries which we cut open, she had each of us participate so we could use the products instead of just watching her do it. it was much more fun that way I think. Then we filled them with this chocolate mousse filling and sliced strawberries, hmm yummy. I think I had like 3 of them!

After a couple people left and it died down a little, Shala (my sister-in law) was telling us how excited she was because she and her sister-in law (her brother's wife) signed up for a session with the personal trainer at the gym. So she's all excited to get some one on one time with an expert and the fitness equipment.

I had to finally come home, not that I really wanted to or anything because I was having a lot of fun but I had to go to bed, which I am obviously not doing since I am here typing this post. I haven't even had a whole lot of caffeine, my last coke was at 4 before I even left the house. I am just amped because I got out of the house by myself for awhile. I left early to get my nails fixed before the party. I was like 10 days overdue for a fill, my nails looked like hell. I got them a lot shorter this time and I'm having an easier time typing. A lot less typo's.

Oh well, I guess I am off to bed to stare at the inside of my eyeballs and listen to all the rambling inside my head for about an hour.

Catch y'all on the flip side.

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