Saturday, August 30, 2008

More Boredom..

So much so that I am sitting here bombarding all my Facebook friends with pieces of Flair so I can earn more Flair credits. And sending Bobbie a penguin.

Yes, I have a Facebook account. Check me out if ya want to. Click.... H-E-R-E

And I am hungry.. I think I forgot to eat today. Yep, I forgot. I had a Starbucks and that was filling because I wanted hot coffee and the stupid girl gave my dad a cold ice creamy thing instead. Dumbasses.

So now what... I could scrap but I am not feeling very creative at the moment.. hence the reason why I am not designing.

Oh, I keep meaning to post this but I keep forgetting but is there anyone out there who by chance buys and drinks Coke but doesn't save the rewards points? Would you like to donate your unused points to the "Saving to get my kids a Wii for Christmas" fund? If so, please email me.

On that same note, I don't save my Pepsi rewards points when I buy pepsi so if anyone would like my Pepsi codes, email me.

Off to input some codes.. have a great holiday weekend.

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