Wednesday, August 20, 2008

My Anniversary Flop!

Sunday was our 12th wedding anniversary. Dan was scheduled to work a race so I was going to have to spend it alone.. well, as alone as it can get with 5 kids.

He calls Saturday afternoon and says find a sitter for sunday, we need you up here. Ok, so I get my mom to take the kids and because we have to leave at 7 am for the track (it's a little over an hour's drive) she took them Saturday night. I had a few hours of quiet before Dan got home and then we watched a movie before we went to bed.

Sunday, we get up to the track and no one is there. Dan calls his friend to see where he's is and turns out the truck broke down on the freeway about a half an hour away. So we went to go pick up the trailer keys so we could start work for the day but the keys got left in the truck which by now has been towed to a local dealership, but not close enough to get them out. We were on the motorcycle so it's not like we could give him a ride to get them. So no work.

So we go home, put a new battery in OUR truck, get it gassed and washed and go pick up his friend at the train station (30 min drive) so he can borrow our truck to go pick up the trailer at the track. By now it's 2 pm.. then they spend the next 3-4 hours installing the brake controller on my truck. So then it's dinner time... we spend our anniversary dinner at a local pub watching the Olympics.. the three of us. Yay.

Boy am I ever glad I didn't invest in anything too special, like new lingerie or anything fun like that.. he pretty much went straight to bed after we watched our movie. I had to stay up and wait for my mom to bring the kids home.

The upside is that it wasn't only just me who had a bad Sunday. Apparently, my sister-inlaw hit another boat while she was driving theirs.. OOPS! And her brother blew out a couple of tires on his way up to meeting them at the Delta. Only way I can think to explain it is the after effects of the full moon on Saturday night. What a weekend! Hope yours was better than ours.

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