Monday, August 11, 2008

My Mom Is A Dork!

Last weekend I was over at my mom's and an Allstate commercial came on the tv. She said, "I can never understand what that g iuy is saying, something like 'That's Allstate Stan..', who the heck is Stan? It makes no sense!"

I'm laughing because she's a dork, so I said "Ok let's rewind it and listen." Well, he didn't say it in that commercial, so I googled it. Apparently, it's not part of the current slogan. What the actual slogan said was "That's Allstate's stand, are you in good hands?" Stand.. not Stan mom!

I swear she needs to use the closed captioning on her tv just so she can understand what they are saying... either that or a hearing aid!

**For those who are wondering what rock I am hiding under today (this week), I'm ok.. nothing's wrong. I am just feeling anti-social so I have unplugged my phone and am just not feeling up to talking to anyone right now. I'll be back to normal in a few days.


  1. Thanks for the update on what's going on, I was worried.
    Your mother cracks me up. Glad that you had some fun this weekend even though I missed you!

  2. We found that subtitles are actually a big help for my mom, when watching things like Jane Austen movies. (She still hasn't quite broken the Shakespeare barrier, though!)