Monday, August 4, 2008

Being a Mom of Teenagers...

My oldest just turned 14 last week and I have another who will be turning 13 in December.

A list of things that come with the territory:

  1. Attitudes and smart remarks, oh wait.. that's their father.
  2. Sleeping til noon-This I thank god for because usually he's up with the sun.
  3. Acne control- Haven't quite mastered this one yet.
  4. The appetite of a horse or any other larger animal that eats a lot.
  5. The discovery of the opposite sex.- UGH.
  6. Smelly feet.- Can you say ew? I can. EW.
  7. Never ending piles of laundry.
  8. The phone constantly ringing and the only time it's for you is when you owe someone money.- No Habla Inglis?
  9. You become an ATM.
  10. The overtaking of every electronic appliance in the house.

I am sure there is and will be more.. I think I have subconsciously blocked it all out, it's very traumatic you know. I think I liked it better at about age 5-6 months.. they aren't mobile yet and they don't talk back. And if by chance they DO talk back.. it's really funny and often caught on tape.

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  1. Kari ~ Relocated Dixie GirlAugust 5, 2008 at 12:50 PM

    bwahahahahaha welcome to my world. My oldest turn 14 in June. Just wait til the texting starts & all that fun stuff.

    Stop over at my blog for a lil surprise!