Friday, August 29, 2008


First, I can't believe it's almost been a full week since I blogged. That is so not like me. However, I have been keeping busy. I put out 4 new products this past week and I have 2 more ready for next week.

Today I am bored out of my skull. Dan is up working a race we were SUPPOSED to be working together. Have I mentioned how much I hate how much he has to work just so we can survive? Lately? It sucks. Alot of the time I am worried that it will eventually get the best of our marriage. It's already putting a strain on it. It's been rough. So, I am sitting here.. I've read everything that looked remotely interesting, watched my soap, I even scrapped! Can't show ya that just yet.. soon I hope.

Now I am hungry. I've got no snacks in the house, no money because Dan took the bank card and no truck to go get something if I did have money because he took that too! My dad called earlier to ask if he could come over to see me and the kids.... and use my air conditioning. Oh and did I want any donuts. Umm No and No. Say it for what it is dude.. you are cheap.

I told him I didn't want any company because I'm pissed about being home this weekend and pissed because the kids are acting like crazy idiots because they know their father isn't here and won't be here for the next 3 days. It makes me feel like a horrible parent because I can't control my kids without him here. I used to be able to.. not sure what changed.

Anyway, back to my dad, he says.. well maybe I can help. I said no because you don't help and you try to bribe me with food and it's manipulative and I don't like it. So then he busts out the guilt trip... how I am all he has and he's sooo lonely and he's so broke and has nothing. I hate being an only child for this very reason.. and I'm only HIS only child.

Note to single child families- don't ever do this to your kids when they are older, it only makes them want to put you in a home. I have permission to put my mom in a home, by the way.

So, of course.. now I am hungry and I've got no snacks. I have popcorn but that has to wait til the kids go to bed otherwise they will want it. I really want chips, anything chocolate, or cookies.

Hmm I have a Safeway gift certificate... except again I have NO CAR! Speaking of my car... some guy hit on me at 7-11 yesterday. Told me how hot I looked driving my big ass truck (Ford F150 with a lift kit).. oh and he liked my shoes. I like my shoes too thanks.. :)

Ok.. so that's probably enough ranting from me.. bless you if you made it this far. Have a great weekend.

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