Friday, September 19, 2008

A Great Night

Well, isn't that a drastic change?

Dan ended up coming straight home from work and will go to Party America on Monday. He's got a race this weekend so that will help out SO much provided they have a good weekend. Although anything would be an improvement over last weekend. Cross your fingers for us!

After he got home we went to the grocery store to do some food shopping. I made chili with lean stew meat instead of ground beef. It turned out really good. Then after the little kids went to bed we watched a movie with our older son. It was funny because it was a movie from "our time" and Alex had never seen it. It used to be one of my most fvorite movies and watching it now I can't believe how cheesy it was. Funny but cheesy. It was License to Drive with the Two Coreys.

Now in between blogging this post I am sort of trying to research Lasik eye surgery. I have worn glasses pretty much all my life and I had corrective surgery on my left eye when I was six. I am pretty sure I have astigmatism and I am farsighted, I think. I can never remember which is which and what I am. Anyway, I am basically trying to find out who and who isn't eligible. I would love to get rid of these glasses altogether.

Anyone out there had Lasik?

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