Tuesday, September 16, 2008

No Coffee Fo' You!

Today should be an interesting day. There's no caffeine in the house. No soda, no coffee.. no chocolate. You all are DOOMED!

OK, I sort of take back that there is no coffee in the house. There is actually coffee, there's just no coffee CREAMER in the house. Why you ask? Because my ever so rotten lovely children DRANK it all. It was a 16 oz bottle and I got 2(!!) uses out of it before they got to it.

You'd think they'd have learned their lessons when instead of a loving mommy who is all chipper and perky (OK, so I'm never chipper and perky but a girl can dream), they got a raving lunatic who needed a fix. But nooooo, of course not. They just keep doing it. I have no idea how to keep them out of it short of putting a padlock on the refrigerator. I have tried buying the powder, which did seem to help for awhile until they decided it would be good to eat that too. Now nothing is safe!

On another note, I never cease to amaze myself. I am the ONLY person I know who could get wrapped up in her Wacom cord while sitting still.

I'll be back after I wake up a bit.

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