Monday, September 8, 2008

Tired & Sore

Ugh.. Monday's are always for me but I am just completely wiped out from the weekend.

Saturday, I helped my mom work her booth at the Bean Festival. We were stuck in between the Wine guy and the futures trading booth. It was pretty cool though, a lot of little local businesses with lost of cool stuff. We were only there a few hours but then we did a bunch of running around town and the mall. Then we headed back to the Festival because my mom paid for this "Friends of {insert city name here}" BBQ afterwards because she just wanted to support the Chamber of Commerce, but she decided to go.. she didn't want to go by herself.

Sunday, Dan and I took the little kids to the beach. Sand walking is HARD. We had to kind of a hike down and then back up so got a little workout. We ran around in the sun for a few hours and came home. The sun just completely wiped us all out. Liam and Greyson were asleep about 10 min after we got in the car and then I fell asleep halfway home.

Even though we went to bed early.. I still didn't sleep well. I think I woke up 2x during the night. So now I'm not functioning.

1 comment:

  1. wow that is a busy weekend :)
    Glad to hear you had some nice family time this weekend with your mom and your hubby and kids you totally deserve it sweets