Thursday, September 18, 2008


What is it with men and having to be directly in the line of fire of things?Apparently if you aren't then you don't get the "full effect".

The other night, I come home to find my husband has moved our oversized sofa chair directly in front of our 48 inch hi-def plasma televison set watching a movie like it was his own personal home theater seating.

Why? You tell me. In the past he's also taken over the corner set on the couch because it's directly in the middle of the surround sound and directly in front of the tv screen. And no one else is allowed to sit there.. ever.

Again.. why? Like the police officer said this morning, "women just don't get it". In this case I have to agree, although he was actually talking about men not wanting to wear pants. Why were the cops here at 7 am and who wasn't wearing pants? Well....

Dan's bike got stolen overnight. He went out to leave for work and found his bike was not where he left it. And it was Liam who refused to put on pants this morning. That's pretty much how my day's going so far. How's your day going?

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