Wednesday, September 10, 2008

It's just around the corner..

And it's not Christmas, It's Halloween!

I was in Walgreens the other day in search of beach toys. Yes, I said beach September. It's hot still and if they had any, I expected I would be able to get them for next to nothing. Well, I was half right. There was NOTHING! But they did have their huge aisle of doom, err I mean Halloween products set up.

My 7 year old wouldn't even walk down the aisle, but he's a weenie. Just kidding.. sort of. He won't be going T-o-T-ing this year, his choice not mine. He's going to be handing out candy with his dad. Or rather opening the door and running and screaming for his life.

Meanwhile, in addition to birthday invations, Mr. Popularity (who goes by the name of Alex) has started bring home Halloween invitations. As if birthday invites weren't enough? I am completely envious of this child. he can't possibly be mine.. I was the weird geeky chick with glasses who no one invited anywhere unless they felt they had to because you were friends with me in 2nd grade. Now my spawn is like the most popular kid in his class. Good at just about everything and isn't afraid to try new things and fail. And he gets Honor Roll just about every trimester.

Nope, did not get any of that from me.

I did manage to find some beach toys. I went to a few different stores but was able to find a bucket and a few shovels at the dollar store. We had a nice time at the beach, except for Greyson, who got knocked over by a wave and then refused to leave the blanket. He also lost his shovel, which was in his hand when he got knocked over.

So to bide my time I played a little game I affectionately like to call "Bowling for Skyrats". Although it involves a frisbee and not a bowling ball. No worries, no skyrats were harmed in my attempts to smack them upside the head with my frisbee. I will post pictures later, I still need to get them off the camera. Yeah, I know.. there is something seriously wrong with me for not rushing home to download my photos.

Anyway, I hope y'all have a great rest of the morning. I am going to finish my coffee and hopefully accomplish something other than staring at my computer waiting for it to do something magical.

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  1. OMG women you seriously made me bust a gut reading this, Logan would have done the same thing he doesn't do scary well lol not looking forward to halloween.