Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Crafty Mama

Wow, I am worn out tonight! I needed a break from the kids tonight so I ran out to Target and Michaels in search of soome craft supplies, namely paper punches. I cannot tell you why because it is a secret but I promise it will be well worth the wait.

I was able to find a couple at Target, believe it or not they had some in the dollar bins! I know, I was floored too. So I got a few there and then I got a more expensive one. Then it was off to Michael's because I needed a larger size punch for my little project. I got a few more there and some other fun crafty items on sale.

I have been sitting on the living room floor for the last 2 hours, punching shapes and putting together my little paper craft items. Another reminder of why I love digital so much. I have so patience for this stuff. I only made like 6 little items in those 2 hours, but they are so cute.

Before digital, I used to make cards and invitations so this is really be being nostalgic and reminiscing. Weddings, Baby Showers, Birth Announcements, you name it I've done it. Then I started doing my invitations online which inevitably lead to digital scrapping, and here I am now.

I still do cards on occasion, I recently got to do my new niece's birth announcement and Christmas and Thank You cards for a friend of mine. It was nice to get back in the game.

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  1. And the comments that I got on the Christmas and Thank You cards were, as usual, all AWESOME!!!!!! ;)