Sunday, January 6, 2008

Puuppy Power!!

My brother called me last night to ask me if the kids and I would like to come over to his house today. I asked why and he said to see my new puppy.... so you can photograph him. LOL!

Ok sounds like fun to me. My brother and his cousin, who is also his housemate, recently got purebred boxer pups. They are brother and sister and oh so sweet! The little white one in the sweater (*IBERH), is the cousin's little girl puppy.. she doesn't have a name quite yet.

The little brown one is my brother's and his name is Bailey. No doubt named for Bailey's Irish Cream. My brother has been woring in the Wine & Spirits business for the last few years so that was a given lol.

Watchin the Boob Tube!

**IBERH= Insert Big Eye Roll Here


  1. They are way too adorable!!

  2. OMGosh, they are sooooo cute! I love the little sweater!