Tuesday, January 1, 2008

New Year's Eve

So what did YOU do on NYE? Did you go out and party, did you sit at home with your loved one, or did you kick it by yourself and get toasty?

Dan and I were supposed to go to a Customer Appricitation thing at a bar and grill where he has lunch everyday. That was on NYE-Eve but instead we went to hang out with his mom and sister since we weren't able to go down and visit with them on Christmas.

My sister-in-law took me and the kids to see The Golden Compass, which I thoroughly enjoyed. funny, because I wasn't sure I would even like it but decided it was better than not going and I am glad we did. It will be a fun series for me and the older boys. Dan would have liked it too but he as home with the little boys but I am pretty sure this is a series of movies I will be purchasing so he'll get to see it before the next one comes out.

Another movie I really want to see is the new National Treasure. I rally liked the first one so I am excited to see this one.

Back to NYE- My mom invited us over for dinner so we ate over there and ended up leaving the kids for a sleep over. We made mudslides, yummmmy! Dan and I took the bottle home and sipped on it all night while we did our own thing.. then we went to bed. We were actually in bed before midnight but listened to the fireworks and people screaming, most likely kids and then went to sleep. How exciting are we? LOL.

I picked up the kids this morning. And that's about it.

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  1. OOO Sounds like it was relaxing for you... Lucky Duck!! I had to wake with a nice headache to 2 kids jumping in my bed!! Err umm... that was SO not fun!!