Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Customer Service Rant

The way customer service has deteriorated really saddens me. It's everywhere. For the record this has nothing to do with digi-land. I have had nothing but wonderful customer service from my fellow designers.

Tonight, after I left Michael's, I stopped at Burger King (on Grant Line Rd in Tracy, CA) to get my husband a Whopper. I went through the drive thru as usual. Now please keep in mind that this particular location has a history of getting orders wrong, why do I keep going there? Simply because it's convienent. Normally, it's a minor error but nothing I can't or won't live with. Now had that been the issue tonight, I would have just gone home but I was only ordering one major item and they couldn't even get that right.

So back to my story... I ordered the New Cajun Bacon and Cheese Whopper with extra cheese.. I get up to the window and pay. The guy asks me to park because the sandwich wasn't ready yet (because I ordered extra cheese they have to make it fresh) so I said ok and parked. About 5-7 min later a girl appears with a bag and says to me " Angus??" I said "No, I ordered the Cajun Whopper". She starts to walk away,, I see her in my mirror and she looks at the receipt and comes back to ask me if I had 2 desserts as well. I said yes, then she says "then this is yours."

I told her no, that I didn't order an Angus burger I ordered a Whopper. So she goes back inside, out comes the manager, Mark. He has the bag and he says basically that I needed to pay the balance on the sandwich because I was charged for the Angus and the Whopper is more. Ok, fine I was prepared to get it taken care of.

So I thought I would mention to him that this was not the first time they've gotten my order wrong at this location. And yes I was annoyed but I was NOT yelling and I was NOT rude. Mark, the manager starts to walk away as I am speaking to him and then he turns around and has the audacity to cop an attitude... he says to me "Well, you can't expect me to give away free food!" My jaw dropped and I couldn't believe it. So, I said,"You know, I don't expect you to give away free food, but I do expect you to get the order right!"

I went inside and by the time I got to the counter he just told me that he would bring me the whopper to my car and to keep the Angus. Fine ok... so I return to my car, he comes out with the correct burger and he does apologize for getting the order wrong. I would have rathered he apologize for being rude but whatever.. not going back to that BK again, that's for sure.


  1. That is a sad commentary on customer service in today's marketplace. Why don't you go online and get the HQ address for BK? Then write them a letter or send them an e-mail. I beg you not only get an apology; but you'll probably get a few coupons to make up for the rudeness of that manager. And the best part is that you can use the coupons at ANOTHER BK.

    Hope it turns out good for you.
    Victoria (mizamigo)

  2. Carjazi - aka DianeJanuary 3, 2008 at 2:24 PM

    Good customer service seems to have been replaced by the idea that rudeness is the key to getting anything. And I've seen it on both sides. Sorry you had that experience. Anyway I was just popping by to say hi and tell you how much I miss OAKS. Wishing you all the best.