Thursday, June 19, 2008

About to fall over..

Oh my goodness it is so hot here today. I just got back from picking up Braeden from school and since I have to walk it takes alot longer. I barely made it home, I felt like I was goingt o pass out the entire way. No doubt it's from not drinking enough water, (which I am at this very moment thank you!) and it being so hot.

I got home and checked the current temperature and it's only 95 degrees! Only?!? That's pretty darn hot but I could have sworn it was more like 103. Then my son.. and only my son would do this, he was wearing a sweatshirt! I think I was doing double duty in the sweat department.

So I am finally home, I've got the A/C going and we're all chugging as much water as we possibly can to cool off. Speaking of which, the ac in the truck has been acting wacky, my brother thinks that it sounds like it might be the ac compressor, but he'd need to take a look at it before we knew anything.

Anyway, i think I am going to really get cooled off and get the kids ready to go down to the pool.. it is just way too hot today not to go.

Have a good day and stay cool!

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  1. You have one of those, too? My oldest can wear sweats & a jacket when it's 100 degrees out. I just don't see how.