Sunday, June 15, 2008

The Weekend and a Movie Review!

On Friday, my niece turned 2! My mom and I babysat that night for a little while because it was also my sister inlaws sister inlaw's 30th birthday. Are ya still with me?

So my mom picked up the girls from the party on her way home from work. Lexi was so wound up, my moms aid she talked the E-N-T-I-R-E way home! And I believe it too because as soon as I got in the car she was calling me "Fyfe!!!" so I'd look at her.. except I didn't respond unless she said *Auntie* Fyfe. So then she did and I'd say what and turn around and she'd say "Look at my tongue... aaaaahhhh" and then I'd do it back and she'd be in hysterics. We pretty much did this from my house all the way back to their house. I nearly peed my pants LOL.

On Saturday was Lexi's party. Oh boy wasn't that fun! It actually was very fun except the birthday girl was a little crabby. She was happy just full of attitude and I think with all the people and all the kids in and out of the house was a little much. Not to mention that she was up til 11 pm the night before. They rented a jump house and had that in the front yard so she was jumping alot. They also had a pinata.. no one got smacked in the head or anything. It was a good time.

My husband kicked me out of the house for the night.. so my mom and I went to the mall to try on clothes that we had no intention of buying lol. Except that if I did actually find something I liked and it was cheap enough then I might buy it. But unfortunetly I didn't, all I did find out is that I can't shop at Old Navy until I drop a few. But I did discover a store, Torrid, and I think I will be getting a few outfits from them.. they really have some cute stuff! I can finally be a size Zero!! It'll be the only time though *wink*

Then we grabbed a small salad in the food court while we waited for our movie to start, this is where the review comes into play.

We saw The Happening. WOW, what can I say.. except M. Night Shyamalan does it again! I really liked it, I like alot of his movies. He has a way of relaying the message without showing you everything. Makes you wonder. It really made me jump several times through out the movie.

Here's a trailer for you.

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