Sunday, June 1, 2008

Super Sunday

It's not really all that super but it's the only thing I could think of that started with an 'S' at the moment.

Anyway, this morning my mom came over and let me sleep in while she made the kids pancakes. Greyson ate like 10 of them, I woke up around 9:30 and went down stairs where I was greeted with.."Why are you awake?" Wow, good morning, nice to see you too! If I slept any longer, I'd never be able to go to sleep tonight and I'd really like to!

Mom went home after lunch and asked if Alex could come over and help her in the yard. She wanted to clean her exterior shutters today and thought he might enjoy spraying them down with the hose. Heck, I might even enjoy that!

Dan is off at the races this weekend up at Infineon Raceway. he took our oldest, Kyle, with him to try to spend some extra time with him. He was telling me last night about the event they are covering. This weekend it's all old cars, he said they have about 400 cars so there should be a good turn out for sales this weekend, let's pray for it! He said that some of them were from as far back as 1915 and had wooden spoked wheels, the whole shebang. He took my camera with him so that he could bring back pictures for me. I will post those tomorrow after I get them back.

Right now, the kids are all outside playing hockey in the street. I better take advantage of the quiet and get the house straightened up before they come back in again. Have a great Sunday!

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